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just re-read some of my posts here, and suddenly feel nostalgic about it…

and I realized that I’ve been much more mature than the last time I post my last post here…

there are some that have been improved from me, but also there are some that I lack now…

I think I lack the enthusiasm that I had before as I becoming older, I see the world from more cynical point of view to the point that I restrict my self from being free.

I want to be that mindless little brat that would just blabbering all her thoughts and feelings. I want to believe in this world once again. believed in youth, friendship, and also love.

I want to see the world from my naive side once again so I could freely expressing myself. I guess all the push that everybody give me is too kind till the point I loose myself in the process and I end up pitying myself.

I want to believe once again in true love, pure love, and love at the first sight. I want to love my self as much I love my self in the past. I hope that will help me to be me again.

I know I can do it. I will passed this level and I will level up!

and even though I still don’t know how’s tomorrow will be I know I’m not afraid to face it!


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